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Hi, I am An annoying guy. I like animating, it's my passion. I have several accounts on some sites.

Youtube = A Guy

Sticknodes = a guy

I tend to be really stupid because I dont think that much. I had 2 accounts on Wikia; Toshiba Innovation (no longer used, and is not used as an alternate account), and this.

My profile pic is Polandball, a meme that 70% - 85% of the internet doesn't really know. I like that meme because it isn't overused that much. It is very entertaining to me and it's really weird how they manage to tackle current situations in an accurate way (not all though). It tends to be controversial because some comics have racist, offensive and sensitive content. But that won't make me despise polandball since 87% of my gallery are comics from that meme.

How I went here and began contributing

I was doing my normal thing on the MCPE wiki, participating in the forums. I was confused why one of my most contributed forum games have been remade. I investigated it and found out that this guy was the reason why the game was suddenly halted.

He did something like "BANNED FOR STUFF" then "BANNED FOR BANNING MYSELF" then "BANNED FOR BANNING MYSELF FOR BANNING SOMEONE FOR STUFF". I went to his userpage and saw this wikia (after I saw this really dramatic post in his wall). I didn't really contribute to his wiki that much back then (what I did was give him a really confusing and hard to do tutorial, comment on his minecraft thingy and corrected his spelling). But when he made Mexico, my senses were activated. an incorrect facts were made. The page claims that Mexico was founded when the earth was created.

I commented the lyrics of "Himnos Nacional Mexicanos" first before correcting him (took like 4 edits to successfully make it as accurate as possible). Then I just edited that page myself after Robot inserted the incorrect info I accidentally provided. Then I started contributing for a month, mostly just to make things more realistic, to make stupid comments and editing the grammar and spelling of our "Outstanding, Amazing and Remarkable" Robotguy.

What I like:Edit

  • 80s music and some modern music (2000 - now).
  • some anthems like Il Canto Degli Italiani (Italy), Himnos Nacional Mexicanos (Mexico), Boźe Pravde (Serbia), Lupang Hinirang (Philippines), Gloria Al Bravo Pueblo (Venezuela)l
  • Polandball, as usual
  • Fixing, correcting, mocking some people's grammar.
  • Filipinos that could at least withstand criticism or jokes of their own country (I'm a Filipino and I feel bad for Alec Baldwin because he was declared a persona non grata by the government just because he made a joke about Filipino mail brides).
  • Sticknodes
  • Anything bearable
  • Thdubya, Gitu, Chilean Mapper, KnowledgeHub, RealLifeLore, Derovolk, Ian Berwick, Plainrock124 and other not-so-popular youtubers.
  • Being neutral

What I dislike:Edit

  • Overused and most modern music, memes, etc.
  • Immature internet users that can't withstand criticism.
  • People who think the the swastika is only used by Nazis.
  • People who bother me all the time.
  • The fanbase of some games like Undertale (save me).
  • Pewdiepie, DanTDM, Markiplier, Misha and most of the world's famous/infamous youtubers
  • The way I think of stuff (it's really, really stupid)

What I dont really care about: Edit

  • Capitalism and Communism.
  • Most of your opinions (unless if it's really stupid like "I HATE DIRT").
  • Academics
  • Wikia (as of march 2017)

This is where I could test some HTML/CSS stuff for the future

(it's empty as of now)

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